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Landmark Dental Arts

Cosmetic Dentist located in San Diego, CA

Broken or cracked teeth can damage the appearance of your smile and impair your chewing. James Berry, DDS repairs injured teeth with dental crowns and other restoration methods. Dr. Berry and his team at Landmark Dental Arts do everything they can to restore your smile to its full radiance. If you live in or near San Diego and you’d like to explore your tooth restoration options, give the office a call or book an appointment online.

Crowns Q & A

What is a crown?

A crown is a tooth-like cap that covers a broken or worn-down tooth to restore its appearance and function. Crowns are used to cover:

  • Broken, weakened, or cracked teeth
  • Teeth that have had a lot of fillings
  • Dental implants
  • Anchor teeth for bridges
  • Teeth discolored by a root canal

What happens during a crown procedure?

Dental crown procedures usually require two appointments. At your first visit, Dr. Berry takes X-rays and performs a full examination to make sure your tooth is suitable for a crown. He prepares your tooth for the crown by numbing your mouth, filing the tooth down, and filling in damaged areas of the tooth, if necessary.

Dr. Berry then uses a putty-like material to make impressions of your affected tooth and your bite. He sends those impressions to a lab, where they create the crown. He may send you home with a temporary crown until the permanent one is finished.

At the next appointment, about two to three weeks later, Dr. Berry removes the temporary crown and fits you for the permanent crown. He makes sure the crown is perfect before cementing it in place. Landmark Dental Arts uses ceramic crowns for their durability and identical match to the natural appearance of teeth.

How do I take care of the new crown?

After you receive your crown, you may experience sensitivity to hot and cold for a time. You can use toothpaste for sensitive teeth to help decrease the sensation. Let Dr. Berry know if your bite feels funny, you feel continued discomfort, or your crown feels loose or falls out.

Crowns typically last from five to 15 years. To preserve your crown’s integrity, avoid chewing hard substances like ice or fingernails. If you inadvertently grind your teeth or clench your jaw, ask Dr. Berry about options such as mouthguards to minimize wear and tear on your teeth.

Routine oral care is crucial for prolonging your crown’s lifespan and prevent tooth decay. Brush, floss, and rinse just like you normally would. Since your tooth’s roots are still intact, a crown doesn’t automatically protect your tooth from decay,

If you need a new crown or you need to repair an existing crown, contact Landmark Dental Arts online or by phone to set up your first appointment.